A TMP report assesses traffic impacts associated with development construction on the local road network. It is also a requirement for Special Events or Full Road Closures.

The plan must adhere to the Local Council Standard Requirements and describe the proposed construction works, the traffic impacts on the local area and how these impacts are addressed

What is in a Traffic Management Plan?

  • Traffic Control Plans in accordance with AS 1742.3
  • Identifying affected public domain areas
  • Development & Construction Plan (staging of works)
  • Measures to reduce the impact of the work
  • Construction Plan showing loading and unloading areas.
  • Pedestrian/Public Transport/Emergency Services
  • Truck Detour Route (if required)

Communication with relevant interested parties via:

  • Letter Drop of the works area
  • VMS Board communication
  • Newspaper Advertising/Radio Station Notification

What are the steps in creating a Traffic Management Plan?

When creating a Traffic Management Plan, there are a lot of things to consider 

  • The scope of works of the construction project or the activity associated with a particular event
  • The impact the Construction Project or special event is likely to have on the road network is determined
  • Critical requirements are identified in the local council DA Consent or event planning requirements. 
  • The daily traffic flows are identified (this is needed to determine the signage type and size) and whether the roadway is an RMS, Local Government-, or privately controlled asset.
  • Local conditions such as the road speed, location of speed limit signs, any conflicting signage requiring concealment, roadway condition and usage, schools, bus stops, driveways, emergency services etc. are identified
  • A Traffic Management Plan specifically designed for your worksite and in compliance with all identified conditions is then created.

Why do I need a Swept Path Diagram?

  • Local Councils or Roads Authorities will ask for a Swept Path Diagram for most Development Applications where there is a need to assess the car park design